Mother's Day

Mother's Day Flowers

The gift of Mother’s Day flowers has a rich tradition linking the ancient honoring of the divine feminine with the selfless generosity and nurturance of modern-day Moms. The Greeks and Romans held festivals celebrating the principles of fertility and abundance represented by the mother goddesses Rhea and Cybele. Then, as now, we give thanks through the power of our gifts to symbolize a gratitude and love beyond words. 

Why flowers? A bouquet of perfectly chosen flowers delivered by Mother’s Day – on May 12 in 2019 – brings living beauty into your Mom’s world, echoing her own timeless qualities. They are highly symbolic. Think of Anna Jarvis, who passed out 500 white carnations – her mother’s favourite flowers – to all the mothers in attendance at her local church in 1908 during a memorial following her mother’s death. They were perhaps the first true Mother’s Day flowers. Her campaign to honor the sacrifice of mothers evolved into our modern celebration after President Woodrow Wilson declared the second Sunday in May Mother's Day in 1914.

Your choice of flowers delivered for Mother’s Day can range from the pure simplicity and elegance of a single type of blossom, to the sensory pleasure of a custom arrangement. No two mothers are the same. Each flower comes with its own story – communicated in a fragrance, in the sharpness and depth of color, and the shape of its bloom. So before you order Mother’s Day flowers, here are some of the sentiments associated with different flowers popular for Moms.


Taking Anna Jarvis as our inspiration, carnations represent purity, love, beauty, faith, and charity. According to one Christian legend, carnations bloomed from the Virgin Mary’s tears as they hit the ground and so became associated with motherly love. Possessed of a scent that evokes cloves, these flowers with fluffy and frilled petals come in a range of colors rich in symbolism.


Delicate, graceful tulips are a wonderful option that are both modern yet classic. They never go out of style. Yellow tulips offer a bloom of cheer, white symbolizes heaven itself, and pink radiates happiness and affection. A favorite for cut flower arrangements, tulips make a statement about perfect love, and what could be more perfect than a mother’s enduring love?


A member of the daisy family, chrysanthemums mean joy, perfection and eternity. They are especially popular as a Mother’s Day gift in Australia, where they are nicknamed “mums”. The different hues of chrysanthemums are connected to honest love (pink), loyalty (white), and motherly love (red) – as well as friendship and support from one’s family. 


Hydrangeas with their opulent, star-shaped blooms don’t hide their light under the bushel. Coming in an array of pinks, lavenders, blues and purples – as well as ethereal eggshell – they evoke femininity, devotion, and understanding.  Sounds like someone familiar? In Japan, they are also said to represent “persevering love”. Hydrangeas are a bold choice to reflect back to Mom all the natural gifts that she graciously shared with her child or children.  


Timeless roses are a favourite among Mother’s Day flowers, whether starring in their own bouquet, or judiciously arranged with other blooms. Symbolizing love and appreciation – and in the case of white roses, purity – the many meanings associated with roses cross the boundaries of culture and time. They are transcendent, in other words, and say to your Mom that she is part of a divine tradition of unconditional love. 


Lilies come in many varieties and are a wonderful option for young Moms or the young at heart. Stunning calla lilies are often associated with the Virgin Mary and their elegant simplicity can represent your Mom’s uniqueness, grace, and femininity. Stargazer lilies have become known to represent optimism, purity and innocence. Peruvian lilies and Oriental lilies add exotic colors to arrangements created especially for your Mom.

Whatever you choose this May, surprising your Mom with flowers delivered by Mother’s Day is guaranteed to make her feel appreciated. Order Mother’s Day flowers from Bold Blossom to make a statement where words fall short. Because how can you properly thank someone who gave you life except with the gift of living beauty itself?