A little about our mission...

We love Flowers! A lot! We love them so much we want everyone to have a bold blooms to enjoy each month with little work involved once it arrives. Our bouquets are designed by experienced and expert designers who make your bouquet ready-to-vase. 

Our Story

We started as best friends. Just enjoying each other's company with our 5 kids running around. Our kids are as excited to hang out with each other just as much as we are! We always knew we wanted to work together so we started throwing around ideas over dinner and wine. 

We love our families and we love flowers so these two things are the most important thing to all of us! What started as a small thought and idea made us what we are today. 

Katie's passion for flowers started on her father’s farm at a young age. The passion was brought to life as Katie opened and operated a brick and mortar floral business in the Chicago-area for a number of years. Since 2009, she has owned and operated KM Floral and Event Designs, specializing in large corporate events and weddings in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas.

Kimmie is a proven entrepreneur. She has a background in e-commerce, social media, as well as a passion for interior design. She most recently founded a profitable spray tan business from the ground up and handles all aspects of marketing, owning and operating that entity.  

We figured out fast that each of us bring something different to the table. So what more could we ask for? Bold Blossoms was born!

Meet The Team

Katie McCormick CFD AIFD

Chief Executive Officer 

Kimmie Iula

Chief Floral Officer

Patrick Furey

Chief Operating Officer

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